The Roots of all Evil

Evil is The Good unbalanced, unfocused, and energized by destruction as The Good is energized by Creation.

In ourselves, the balance of our Elements is in constant shift, but for most certain traits predominate. These traits, which are the current WORK in our slow Path to perfection, may involve dealing with fears and trauma. In self examination, we often discover that we have placed ourselves, find ourselves, or perceive ourselves, to be in danger. If there is no physical reason for anxiety, Humans understand their mortality, so psychological fears, depression and anxiety proliferate.  Social anxieties can substitute in triggering the adrenaline to run or fight, as we perceive insults to ourselves, our loved ones, or our ‘team” in politics, sports or religion.  This is the underlying cloud of everyone you meet, not unique to any one of us, it is a necessary condition for survival, based on memory. But, it can interfere with our progress, and like all powerful forces, is best understood and transformed than set loose to blunder about blindly.

Any time we get angry or afraid, we store a powerful symbol of the experience in our Treasurehouse of Images. If we bury a strong emotion, it spawns tiny demons to prick us annoyingly in our daily life. If we harness and transform it, another tool is added to our inventory of powerful and positive responses. Rarely do we get to immediately and satisfyingly discharge the result of our anger or fear at it’s actual target. These emotions can build up and leak out inappropriately by supercharging our feelings out of all proportion. If we take our raw feelings and WORK on them over time through meditation, Will and relaxation, we not only save ourselves wear and tear internally, but begin to gain the reputation of a thoughtful and mature person.

If you are strong, beware cruelty.  If you are compassionate, beware co-dependence. If you are intellectual, beware acting cold, if emotional, of acting to hot. If dreamy, of not earthing your dreams. If too material, not dreaming.

The Tree of Life is a great glyph for balancing ourselves.

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Healing Temple pool in Chesed

Still in considerable pain after facial surgery, but it is less burning than before, and having cooled to a mold-able level, today I will be sculpting my Pain Suff into a physical statue, using the body parts I lost as it’s ferocious mouth.  In this process I should be able to transform a strong emotion into a strong image and transfer to the “map’  the pain represents

However, LaForza pointed out that I am using Geburah and Discipline as always, and perhaps I should try to balance it with Acceptance of Healing.  This made a lot of sense to me, now that I can see more than a red haze with forked lightning in my Spirit Vision.

So I draw a hot bath, soaked to relax my shoulders and neck, then rose above myself RC, LBRP, Archangels, MP and felt the remains of my pain as a rust colored gritty sand, which I washed into the bottom of the tub as I rose through Yesod, to Tipareth, where my Angel blessed my (no gifts, though) and with great deliberation rose to Chesed, the Orderly Kingdom. While Geburah גְּבִירָה separates differences, Chessed aka Gedulah Unites through addition.  In Approaching I say Babylon laid out between the rivers, and orderly streets fronted by gardens. In the center was a ziggurat, with a flower walled swimming pool sized well,  and a smaller pond within it. The vines stretched over the top, causing shade in the heat, and the flowers preserved some humidity.  I tip toed into the cool water, and lay down, letting my checks be cooled while my nose was still above water.

Invoking the Goddess to help me endure what cannot be avoided, surrender to the Present moment without fear it will last forever, and relaxing expectations, all are helpful. I asked the Temple “Whose ziggurat is this?”, and got the Hebrew letters Lamed, Daleth, Heh… related to birth, so I NAME it The Birthpool.

30 January 2016 ev Noon

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a sanctuary from Pain

Thought I might share this, as so many friends are going through unpleasant medical treatments right now. The human body becomes flooded with adrenaline, the Fight of Flight hormone, but there is no Flight from your own body, and everyone around is trying to help, so the Fight has to become Internal.

As the Will and Imagination are always creating, the anticipation to a painful procedure is difficult and stressful. Going through the pain is also no fun, and both create tremendous power. This power radiates out of Geburah on the Tree of Life, and like pain it follows the RED Ray with flashes of Lightning. So to drain and use the power of anticipation, did a preparatory ritual… after purifying  myself (RC), purifying my surroundings (LBRP), engerizied my True Self (MP)  to rise through the Astral, through my True Self and Angel touching in Tipharet, and then raise into the RED World of Geburah. As a phantom (and it being several hours before the surgery) there is no pain. There is no land or Island, so I raise the Emerald Castle (from Wizard of Oz, hey, you go to Trance with the archetypes you have, not the archetypes that are mere intellectual constructs) from a sea of fire. Entering it, I scattered seeds which grew into a new garden in the courtyard as I walked to the main building and entered. I noticed the staircase, and decided to wait until the surgery to explore it. I looked backwards, and the garden had grown magnificently in moments, and there is now a statue in the center, near a gazebo (like our own ground level Treehouse). Another focus for exploration after I explore the Tower and castle, it being a long surgery.

I returned, and will find the right talisman to trigger this Journey at the time of most need.

If this technique interests you, please adapt it to your own Treasure house of Images for greatest effect.


PART II: Field Testing – Into the Breech


Much of the anticipatory anxious energy was successfully used to create the Emerald Castle and surroundings, thus setting up a series of explorations for my Astral Double as it abandoned my body to the medical procedures. After settling in the chair, RC, LBRP, Archangels in full supplication, and MP, rose to the stars beyond the atmosphere and daylight, past them into the Dark, then through the kaleidoscope of my Yesod of Images, to my True Self unified and perfected (for the moment), in the Sun. My Angel descended to join me, and (unusually) gave me a reflective Shield with a Medusa head carved on the inside and two snakes from  her hair forming the handle. Can’t remember the last time I got something so …solid from HER.

Holding up the shield to the Sun, I saw the RED ray separate from it and followed the Ruby Road to Geburah and the Discipline in the face of Challenges I need.  In the distance (past the poppy fields) was the Castle, and as my body shook outwardly I danced down that Path. The Gate was big, and wood with leather hinged. The anteroom looked a lot like the entrance to Gillette’s Castle, with a stone staircase on the Left. I climbed it, missing any other door, and reached the top of the tower. From that exalted view, could see the garden has blossomed and could now make out the statute,  Hermes running on air with winged feet and helmet, double snake wand and nothing else.

Looked around for any Goddess or Healing figures, but, seeing none, went down the stairs and out into the garden. It was laid out like a maze, with shorter plants on the outside, getting taller as you approached the statue, benches, pool and Hermes statue (bout twice my height).  The Sun shone so fiercely it hurt my eyes, and I clenched so hard the doctor shook my shoulder. To relax, did an about-face and looked at the scene in the Medusa Mirror Shield. That took the intensity down a notch, I relaxed my face and walked carefully backwards into the pool.

The water was cool, a welcome relief from the pain and heat in my face. I drew it up my Middle Pillar to cool my brow, and it steamed rather than rolled off in clouds. The clouds shaded me from the Sun. When my back touched Hermes’s foot, I closed my eyes, turned, and laid my aching face against the cool marble sole of his flying foot.

“Hermes, Hermes, I follow in your footsteps, Hermes, Hermes, make me lighter than the Aire, water my garden with your Wisdom, sculpt my body as clay into my Perfected Self, and channel my Fire into the Furnace of creativity.”

Eventually I began to merge with the statue, after staying in that position for what seemed like a long time. The Doctor was tapping me and it was time to return to my bruised body. I promised to return, then rode the RED ray down into a world of pain.

The next day I revisited the Shrine and the statue was even bigger. My whole face fit into his insole. It was a healing and cooling spot for my aching cheeks. Still could only look at HIM through the reflected glory in the Shield.


PART III – Analysis

So, to the skeptical, once could ask “why do all this”?  Will and Imagination are constantly creating. If your Imagination is focused on FEAR, especially real pain you know is coming soon, you go into the experience weakened. On the other hand, if Will leads Imagination, you can channel pain into creativity and distract the focus of the mind from the body’s urgent signals. Being naturally curious, the puzzles I set up for myself (What’s up the stairs, how does the garden grow, Who is the statue representing?) helped  me change my focus from pain to exploration, a pleasant experience. It didn’t eliminate pain, but it made the experience much more tolerable.

Adapt as you see fit, using your own methods and symbols, of course.


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Spirit, Form and Polytheism

Recently in digital conversation with Jude in Texas (Hey Jude!, couldn’t resist) he asked if, with all this Qabalah, I considered myself a Pagan. My answer was a Jew with an expanded view of Monotheism (sometimes referred to humorously as a Jewitch) has little difficulty employing mythic archetypes and Gods as vessels for the One True Undivided Spirit. Such Willful constraints upon our Imagination help focus the part of us which corresponds to that specific aspect of The One, energizing and awakening say, the Hermes aspect of ourselves to the fore where it bathes in the energetic, Creative Waters of Attention and we become better communicators.

It is important not to mistake the map for the territory, the Symbol (which can only be supplied from your personal inventory) and the Power behind it. So “Thou shalt have no other Gods before ME” lends itself seamlessly to providing God with suitable habitations or Temples for communication and Creation.

” it is individual, the Spirit fills in the archetypal forms we provide from our Treasure house of Images.”  “That is why this monotheistic Jew has no trouble worshiping Hermes, the Helmet is a cup from myself, which the ONE fills so a particular aspect becomes more available”  “Neither God nor the Gods needs anything from us, but by our Magick we bring that part of ourselves most akin to that aspect of the Divine into focus through spells, ritual, talismans and the Spirit empowers it within us.”

So in that vein, here is an invocation to Hermes:

Hermes, Hermes, we follow in your footsteps,

Hermes, Hermes, we soar into the aire

Hermes, Hermes, your fire is our Light,

Hermes, Hermes, Waters the Wisdom of Life,

Hermes, Hermes, I accept you into my Life.

Kyrios, Kyrios, Kyrios… By that pure, holy, four lettered name on high, nature’s eternal fountain and supply, the parent of all souls that living be, by him, with faith find oath, I swear to thee.

Kyrios Apollo, Kyrios Hermes, kyrie Pythagoras”

(pour water into wine, stir with knife, add barley to Mortar, stir with Pestle)



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Looking back

When recalling where we came from to get where we are, my memories are of an unbroken string of gems, beads, and stones. All the moments and memories, good and bad, rough and polished, lead to this Present Moment. It can be ignored, wasted, neglected…or polished, treasured, associated with talismatic power. The Imagination and Will always are dancing, always creating. If not directed, they will find forms on their own. But they beg to be put in harness, used for a purpose, or they burn themselves to cinders.

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Is Fact the same as Truth?

At the Traditional Observance Lodge banquet and discussion last night the Question for the round table was What is the Good on which all (men) can agree, and is it the same as Truth?

Like all the best questions, it lead to great discussion rather than conclusion. We discussed Descartes I Think, therefore I am, and the role of Sensation, how easily the Senses can be fooled, the role of Imagination in filling in illusions to maintain a consistent World View. A Brain In A Box fed electronic impulses , like the prisoners in Plato‘s Cave, would believe the electronic “shadows” real, without any conflicting information. While some invoked the movie The Matrix, another reminded us of the more obscure Erik the Viking Monty Python movie, on reaching the Unbreechable Fortifications of  Valhalla the Vikings are stumped, but their accompanying Christina Monk, not believing in their Gods, not only doesn’t see the walls, he walks right through them.

In Raphael’s painting, the Academy of Athens,  the central figures disagree on this great question.   Plato points One finger upwards, indicating Truth descends from a Unified Ideal realm to manifest in it’s many forms on Earth, to be Deduced  from known axioms. While Aristotle extends his hand and fingers, indicating we must compare and categorized our experiences and perceptions to arrive at their common core, and that will be Truth. This Inductive logic leads to Truth in Facts about out Natural World as we can perceive it, and that perception keeps increasing through the clever use of electronics and instruments.

Perhaps  Plato and  Aristotle were seeking somewhat different things, or the same thing in different realms. Induction leads us to understand the consistencies and differences in the Natural, created world; Deduction seeks a consistency that supersedes the Natural World to include our Imagination of a greater Truth, a Spiritual consistency beyond the paradoxes of the Natural World we perceive. Perhaps Truth is more encompassing than Facts.


As the the “Good upon which all can agree”, that is very difficult in a world where some seek death over life in an apocalyptic desire to end their personal pain by taking everyone else with them. But that difficult subject will have to await another day.

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Defining Magick

Hermes Trismegistus

Tis true without lying, certain & most true.
That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing
And as all things have been & arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.
The Sun is its father, the moon its mother, the wind hath carried it in its belly, the earth is its nourse.
The father of all perfection in the whole world is here.
Its force or power is entire if it be converted into earth.
Separate thou the earth from the fire, the subtile from the gross sweetly with great indoustry.
It ascends from the earth to the heaven & again it descends to the earth & receives the force of things superior & inferior.


Cornelius Agrippa

“Magick is a faculty of wonderfull vertue, full of most high mysteries, containing the most profound Contemplation of most secret things., together with the nature, power, quality, substance and vertues therof, as also the knowledge of whole nature, and it doth instruct us concerning the differing and agreement of things among themselves, when it produceth its wonderful effects, by uniting the virtues of all things through the application of them one to another, and to their inferior suitable subjects, joining and knitting them together thoroughly by the powers and virtues of the superior bodies”;

Elias Ashmole

“Magick is the Connextion of natural Agents and Patients, answerable to each other, wrought by a wise Man to the bringing forth of such effects as are wonderful to those that know not their causes”;


Thomas Vaughan

Magic is nothing else but the Wisdom of the Creator revealed and planted in the creature

Anthroposophia Theomagica, pg 53, 1650


Aleister Crowley

Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”


Dion Fortune

Magick is the art of causing changes in consciousness in conformity with the Will “


Chuck Furnace

Magick is the cultivated awareness of Nature’s process, recognition of Her patterns, which reveals our place in that process, and the joyful earthing of that spirit in our daily activities creating a better material experience.

The recognition of ‘the Superior” spirit within and it’s connection to all other intelligent life allows us to mold ourselves in its Image, lifting up the personal or  in Hermes’s language,” the Inferior”, to Nature’s heights from which the probable future of current events is obvious, and alternative paths evident. The Magician must start the WORK Actively, receive it Passively, Change Enthusiastically, to Evolve completely into all he or she can attain in this Life.

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The God Within

:Gemistus Pletho AKA George Gemistos Plethon 1355 – 1452/1454 wrote:

“May we carry out these rites in your honor (Oh Greek Gods) in the most fitting manner, KNOWING THAT YOU HAVE NO NEED OF ANYTHING WHATEVER FROM US. BUT WE ARE MOLDING AND STAMPING OUR OWN IMAGINATION AND THAT PART OF US WHICH IS MOST AKIN TO THE DIVINE, allowing it both to enjoy the godly and the beautiful, and making our own imagination tractable and obedient to THAT WHICH IS DIVINE WITHIN US. ”


We WORK with the piece of the Godhead within, and it changes the Godhead without in the Material World.

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Process not Product- the BOTA WORK

In the late 80s, one of the many gifts X gave me was enrolling us both in Paul Foster Case‘s Tarot group, ”’B.O.T.A”’ AKA  the ”’Builders of the Adytum”’, The 1st year of those lectures, meditations and tasks were written by Case himself, an American adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,  Under the guise of painting the tarot cards, he leads one to meditation, color and vibration theory and  opens the door to many avenues towards the Truth. Most importantly, it brings Magick into daily observation.

So in preparation for my presentations at Gillette’s Castle and the Yale Library on Pamela Colman Smith and her Tarot cards, pulled out those old BOTA notebooks and conveniently repurchased the uncolored card images for painting. Getting great value from revisiting this WORK.

One Understanding  apparent to me now is that the Process is more important than the actual result or painting. That process is to spend 3 days focusing on the 1st card, with intense focus for only 5 minutes, carrying the card with you during the day. 5 minutes turns out to be a long time, and as you gently push away extraneous thoughts, the Will is developed.  By the time you pick up colored pencils, markers and watercolor one is eager to begin.

Using the lightest colors 1st, and ONLY one color per day, let your “monkey-mind” become totally absorbed in coloring, and Spirit rises when the attention is distracted.  Meditate on each color for the whole day, look for it in your environment, moods, life. Then the next color for a full day, then the next. When the Fool is complete, write down ONE PHRASE that sums up what you learned, and move on to the Magician card.

For example, The Fool – the Body/dog follows Spirit gladly, even over a cliff

The Magus – You are the Change you Direct…(the upheld wand distracts the Mage from Understanding he is the real Wand, the conduit of Spirit directed through a specific path, to manifestation.


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Marsilio Ficino’s prescription for Nerds and Scholars

“The Spirits of the studious is especially likely to need care, because their constant use of it in thinking and imagining consumes it. It has to be replaced from the subtler part of the blood, and this renders the remaining blood dense, dry and black. In consequence such persons are always of a melancholy temperament. The Spirits which derive from the  humour melancholy (black bile) are exceptionally fine, hot, agile and combustible, like brandy. They are, therefore, liable to ignite and produce a temporary state of mania or exaltation, followed by extreme depression and lethargy, caused by the black smoke left after the fire. If, however, melancholy is properly tempered with a little phlegm and bile, and a lot of blood, then the Spirit will glow, not burn… we shall see the importance for scholars of attracting the influence of the benign planets: the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Marsilio Ficino, translated by D. P. Walker, Spiritual & Demonic Magic – from Ficino to Campanella (aka Tommaso Campanella) 2003, pg. 4-5

Remember the Four Humours and Four Biles based on Aristotle; (AIR-blood-sanguine, EARTH- black bile-melancholic, FIRE  – yellow bile-choleric, and WATER- phlegm-phlegmatic) as perfected by Galen the ancient physician, so to counteract the crash after an exciting burn, the Scholar should take time to balance out the inner temperament by inviting in other aspects of their Life, to take a break, and remember the outside world is as real as the inner reality. The crash is NOT A BUG, it is a Feature of the Nerdy Life, designed to disconnect inner and reconnect outer perceptions so the body is well called for, material pay is earned, take time to Love, and be an Agent of Change, then contemplate the effect, revise, and Change Again.

Recommend gardening, or taking a dog for a walk, or playing with a kitten or baby to reconnect to Life, as circumstances permit.


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