Something WIKI this way comes

Finally have enough research complied to at least begin to unveil my attempt at tracing the history of Magickal thought through human history. By tracing the teachers, students and influences of Occultists throughout the ages we discover various expressions of the same TRUTH, which is experiential rather than intellectual.Study of this Truth from different angles helps eliminate the extraneous and leads to the kernel of gold buried in guarded hints and the mountain of Occult and Philosophic literature.

The trickiest parts are before 1600 and post 1920. Before 1600 we have highlights, but not a lot of practitioners daring to leave much of a record. By 1920 so many people are writing memoirs our written records explode with detail. Latter entries for people currently alive can be influenced by personality clashes and open the door to libel or useless Witch Wars.

More as this project develops.


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