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THE ASTRAL BODY AND PHYSICAL HEALTH                                                                Nov 12, 2008

            It’s true that I’m a lucky guy, both with the bad luck to have serious medical issues before my time and the good luck to survive them (so far). But it seems relevant to mention that inviting Magickal energy to flow through the body tends to highlight areas of distress, either physical, emotional, situational or Spiritual.

           So it was with some interest that I discovered that not just my heart had failed, but I had developed a fungal ball in the position of my Third Eye. Luckily, the bad luck of a persistent and disabling cough led to it’s discovery and the good luck of destroying it before it further changed the shape of my eyeball, pushed further against my brain, ate more of my skull, or the fungus colonized my lungs.

         I have often used the Middle Pillar to heal myself and others, but employing it so often, I may have gotten careless in pre-ritual self examination, and missed weak spots which should have been fortified before ritual. Perhaps in drawing down the LIGHT, I got distracted at one point and something Dark crept in. Or, perhaps, there is NO spiritual significance, and it’s just hard to stay alive and healthy as an immune-disabled heart transplant. Just a cautionary tale of what may be physical results from Spiritual WORK.

The Rubber Band or Balloon Theory of Magick

April 9, 2008 c.e.

As mentioned in my two previous essays, tension is the mainspring that drives change, and guided change is magick, particularly when it comes after a specific WORKing and from an unexpected source. While it’s a great exercise to learn to produce the tension, you may find life is full of …opportunities…to explore the friction with others and the material world which can easily generate tension without much effort on your own. Thus, you can save your strength for positioning yourself at a strategic range from the coming explosion and channeling the resulting release.

Try this practical WORKing:

Take a large rubber band, stretch it tight, and let go with one hand. The energy released may pass above the hand still holding on, or snap it. Now hold the rubber band between your index and middle fingers in the V position. Put a paper clip the middle, pull it back, and let fly with your slingshot. Once again, you either shot your paper clip away with the released force, or perhaps hit yourself in the hand. Now, if you really want to carry this to the extreme, wrap your rubber band around a pencil twice, then wind it up tight like a propeller. When you let it go, feel the breeze you’ve just created.

Just like in magick, change in state (from taut to loose) releases energy, which can be used, or hurt, or inspire.

If this didn’t do it for you, try filling up three balloons. Play with them for a moment, try juggling! When one falls, step in this first balloon with your shoe. Listen to the mild BANG and feel the force released under your foot. Now, hold the 2nd balloon up behind your head. Wait for a minute or two, then pop it (or better, have someone else pop it when you don’t expect it). Do you see where this is going? Hold the 3rd balloon up to your nose. Stare at it, think about it, and, if you have already mastered your animal instinct, do your best to get calm and focused (a mantra helps). Look at a candle flame through it, perhaps. Then pop it.

Projecting something that needs to change in your life within the last balloon (after suitable preparation) can give you the Force of Change, if you can channel and ride it.

Genie in the bottle

          To create tension as Magickal power, put the force of your concentration against Nature. Those who fast, over-exercise, constrain sexual desire or release, or dance naked on a mountain in the cold and dark, lift themselves out of the dream of waking life by imposing Will on their natural inclinations.

          We learn from our Hindu Tantric Brothers that violating long held societal beliefs will have a similar effect. By breaking taboos about food, sex and the Dead, they free themselves with a rush of long suppressed energy which they ride to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world, seen and unseen.

          Obviously, our bodies and minds are the real container, or battery, from which and to which these forces flow. But, as we use our bodies for so many different purposes, it is sometimes useful to compartmentalize our energies. Indeed, this is the use of the Tree of Life, to separate out and purify the different aspects of The One. We can reflect that in organizing our WORKs.

          Take a small jar, carefully clean and purify it of its previous usage. Make a simple drawing on the inside of the lid, and either on a scrap of paper or on the bottom of the inside, draw a more elaborate symbol of the change you are causing, or guiding. In Circle, dedicate the jar to it’s purpose, cleanse and protect yourself and space and invoke the blessing of the Archangels and your Holy Guardian Angel (however you define them, similar concepts may work as well).

          Build your enthusiasm to a climax while invoking your Highest Self as having accomplished the WORK of the evening, make some physical change to release the energy, and direct/contain it in your genie jar.

Repeat for a significant number of days, weeks, months or experiments, then have a releasing ceremony, preferably outdoors, where you break the glass with a suitable invocation. My general recipe is “This is Who I Am, My Spirits are with me, my WORK is just, I release you as an instrument of my WORK, your old home destroyed, once you accomplish my Will, you will return to your world.” Modify as desired.

Nature of Magick, the Magick of Nature

Find or create a source of tension, associate it with an idea through use of an image, word, phrase, name, feeling, taboo or ideal, then overload it. Channel all the released energy to a specific goal or future event through your “cosmic trigger” to the Astral. Then forget it, and revisit your results in 9 days, 9 months or 9 years, depending on the scope of the change you are creating. Repeat as needed, but re-evaluate every time to see if you should change your goals or methods for greater success. Cleanse yourself, write down your WORK, and leave room for future comments on it’s results.

Don’t be afraid of Change, expect the unexpected and look for coincidences, omens and portents. Use any means that suit you and do not harm others or yourself.

Using this principle to create change according to WILL (Fire) and Imagination (Air), pay attention to what you Feel (Water) and WORK just about everyday and don’t discharge the energy prematurely but discussing it or over-analysis.  Silence is the Trial of Earth.

 Sex Magick

 Sexual Union is the uniting of opposites held apart till their yearning (tension) is released in any sexual act.  It is a powerful force for Change, as observing any teenager can show you.

In the East, the sexual tension is generated but then withheld, so the tension increases until the conscious mind is overwhelmed and ceases to interfere with the communication between the Will, the Astral and the Earth.

In the West, the male seed is infused with the concept to be WORKed by meditation, then the tension is brought to a climax and the “trigger” employed to direct the ensuing flood of energy to the goal. There are several ways in which the partner can receive this, from Willing the same goal and using a similar or the same trigger to focusing totally on being empty, or a clear portal into the Astral.

For Procreation, imbue the child with desirable characteristics. If procreation is deliberately avoided, then the energy is freed up to create an Astral Child, or Bud Will. For goals that can be achieved naturally with available resources once properly aligned, use normal heterosexual intercourse. For goals that seem unlikely to occur through pushing the Natural scheme of things, use “unnatural sexual practices”. For entrance to the Astral, use oral or manual methods.

Sometimes a “Trelph” is employed in certain Astral WORKings to better ground yet elevate the Priestess (or Priest). This area of exploration is not well mapped out, but the Trelph may worship and adore the Priestess without gaining any satisfaction (thus producing a 2nd source of tension and power). While adored, she empties herself of ego and translates that adoration and tension into opening and holding the gateway to the Astral agreed upon. Then the Priest reaches through her to the place in the astral that has been located, or conjured.

(My thanks to Frater PVN for the basic Theory, and Truthseeker and X for the Practice)

There is some controversy over whether the  physical seed is imbued with the power released, and it’s use as a healing agent and in talismans. It may just be the release of the energy, or the feeding of the Astral form, or the act of “sacrifice” which powers this process. Experiment, record, revisit, revise and Learn from your own WORK.

The Ancient Powers:

 How to turn Invisible, read omens, cure bad habits

and survive adversity.

The Fantasy books are filled with stories of Magickal Powers, but actual Occult texts shy away from any discussion of them. Perhaps it seems too easily debunked, or not spiritual enough, but I think it’s worth applying the Magickal process to:

How to gain the Sight, use Divination, Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Omens

Exalt yourself to your Highest Potential, then admit you are Mortal and appeal to a Higher Power (however you define it) for Guidance, Inspiration, persistence, strength etc.

Focus and declare your Will, your Great WORK, right at this time and place.

Confuse the senses, particularly Sight (because we depend upon it heavily). You can blindfold yourself for a while while preparing to WORK and unveil your eyes at a particular moment. Another useful (and discreet) technique is to find a viewpoint that has both a foreground object and a background object and rapidly switch your focus from one to the other without moving your head. Once you have disrupted the illusion we call Normal, open yourself up to inspiration, consult any ambiguous phenomena (tarot, astrology chart, runes, the flight of birds, etc) and REMEMBER your impressions. Ground, breath and absorb your impressions, paying particular attention to how it feels. Write them down soon afterwards, analyze them both in your normal and exalted consciousnesses.

Let some time pass, then revisit what you wrote, and re-invoke the feeling you got. Analyze and do Gemantria if you like, and distill the Experience. Be open, but critical, be practical, but willing to believe, and test your results in the real world. Overtime, you will develop- the ability to recognize the Feeling of being correct


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