New Magickal technique – Got Your Nose!

Ever been disgruntled that others were able to implement your idea and didn’t include you in planning or as a leader?

Found myself disgruntled, not a state I much care for, and realizing that my ultimate aim was going to be accomplished, DECIDED to banish these feelings so as better to enjoy and benefit from the workshop.  After EXPRESSING  my feelings to another (who felt even more strongly perhaps), was ready to ACT and Banish it. 1st attempt was a long Rosy Cross, Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, 20 minute Middle Pillar, Banishing, with appropriate add-ons specific to the discontent built in to the last Banishing. It was…okay, better, but not where I want to live my life.


So the next morning, as the sun rose, spoke to the birds and thought of that useful maxim  “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”.  Reaching with my right hand, I played the game one plays to amuse infants and making a “thumb wand” with thumb between index and middle fingers said “Got your nose”. Flinging the hand out and opening it say in an uplifting voice “There it Goes!”  and let the clouds travel from the heart (or head) through the Right Arm of Strength and Discipline,  out and away.


Maybe this ACTION  WORKed so well for me because I like babies, and they (and dogs) tend to like me. When I play this game, feel a flood of happiness similar to that when entertaining a new niece or nephew. That positive feeling drove out the negative feeling. as a RESULT. (Yod, Heh, Vau, final Heh).


As always, we all see, hear and feel things differently, try it this way, then experiment, then adapt for your own use if you’d like.


Footnote: another expression of gratitude to Rainbow Darkly for teaching me the formula ” Feel what you feel, express what you feel, but do what you really think is best (which may very well NOT be what you were feeling and expressing). It un-bottled a piece of this 50’s Boy and I’ve been grateful ever since.

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