The Process of Yod Heh Vau Heh

YOD discover within the next step in Your Path, preferably from meditation
HEH nurture it, make plans, think through consequences, give it form
VAU for a fixed period of months, act to implement and birth it in every waking and sleeping moment. Harness any pain to it, dedicate any pleasure.
FINAL HEH reflect, refine, solidify, and open to the next YOD

For as the Sunrise is followed by another SonRise
As Israel is the initiated Name of Jakob son of Isaac son of Abraham
The Path continues ever on
The WORK is endless and endlessly rewarding

This came to me while mentally mapping the relationship and evolution of ideas revealed by finally getting 25 years of index cards on the Magicians and Philosophers upon whose shoulders WE stand to better formulate our Work into a more usable form. Thank you, Sweet Jane, for creating the structure for the WIKI of Esoteric Thought, at

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