Why this Confusion in the Temple?

My Little Trigger must be set on burst mode, as these last few days  there have been  multiple moments of Awareness .

Possibly the weather being stormy and wet has given me extra bone pain to offer up as sacrifice and power the Furnace.


There is a physical world of Manifestation.

All other physical creatures, like us,  are a part of it and obey it’s rules

However, each of us can ONLY interact with that Manifest World through our senses, expectations and World View.

Our Experience of the World is only 50% Material and 50% Viewpoint.

So, easy to understand, sharing only half of the information as common to all Material Beings, Reasonable People may disagree.  Of the remaining 50%, lets say 25% is common Cultural expectations, still leaves a lot of room for people to see different aspects of a situation about they care passionately. And react vocally.

Thus we all do Magick, in our interpretation of the events in our lives when we influence the 25% of our experience beyond the physical and cultural “rules” experienced by others around us.  This is the “Fertile Field”  awaiting seeds

SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS) . It will grow SOMETHING, weeds, fruit or flowers, regardless.

Just as Reasonable People may experience the shared situation differently,  it is also true of our Selves if we don’t unite them. If we have warring Wills, our reactions to experience will be confused, unhappy and ineffective.  The Tree of Life and Middle Pillar can be used as map and engine intellectually, Spiritually and Materially as tools to accomplish the Great WORK. THERE IS NOTHING TO BUY. It is all in your Efforts, Endurance and Enthusiasm.





oh yes, and this is one of the main principles of the Bud Will and sex Magick. Glad you scrolled down  ;>{]}

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