A Whisper, a blast from 20 years past

Reconnected with Whisper, former Priestess of the Navigators Lodge in Florida last weekend at the Southern Ouroboros Lunar Festival (SOULfest) in Georgia and found her older, somewhat wiser, and just as wild as ever. In attending her seminar on the YEAR 2012, was initially not able to take it very seriously, as her talk was VERY synchronic, mixing Hindu Chakras with Chinese Goddesses, Jesus, the Old Testament, astrology  and Ancient Space Races . The various conflicting mythologies made my head spin in trying to assemble her actual ideas in a consistent fashion.

But towards the end she said something which helped put it in perspective. She opens herself up to Spirit to gain these insights, but often Spirit is trying to communicate an idea she has not previously understood, so it searches through the “filing cabinet” of her brain for the closest concept, no matter when she learned it or from what sources, and uses that close but not exact symbol as an analogy. So, once I tried to stop noticing the FORMs of her concepts and instead focused on their interrelations, it was easier to follow.

And reminded me of the perils of trying to communicate some of these ideas when the framework is not shared.

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