Cosmic Sex : 1st of 4 parts, Sepher AVH (or AH) Yetzirah

Cosmic Sex


In the beginning, all was One. With no distinctions, there was no Time, and with no Matter, no Space. The One or Godhead filled everything.


For reasons unclear, the Godhead decided to Create. But there was no Space into which creation could be attempted, just the One Spirit filling all possibilities.


So The One divided itself into Projective and Receptive aspects using a “magick formula” of a process upon itself.  Modern Magicians call this formula Yod Heh Vau Heh,  Physicist seek it as the Unified Field Theory,  and Mystics seek it as Enlightenment. It leaves its fingerprints on every action, in every sphere, in every age. Thesis (the idea, Yod) is received in  the passive womb of the first Heh, gives birth to Action by the Vau, and that Action produces an effect in the World in the last Heh, the final womb.


Before the One accomplished the first Creation, its Projective aspect carefully separated itself and refined its differences from the Receptive aspect of itself. Though made of the same cosmic stuff, the Will of the One was enough to differentiate them internally, and through an internal alchemy they were separated. Then the two yearning aspects were reunited in a wave of joy , as “Male” and “Female”, the first projecting Force, and the later Form. The Triad was stable at first, and the Supernal Triad of Kether, Chockmah and Binah formed the world of Platonic Ideals or Forms.


But the projective force of Creation could not be contained, once begun. The Union of Force and Form built up so much pressure from the unrelenting Projective Force that it sprung a leak and the Divine Light began to descend into the realm of Human Consciousness through D’aath, or Knowledge on the Tree of Life.


And the Divine Light descended, overflowing each of the Sephera of the Tree, alternating between projective and receptive to balance the resulting energy. Each Center of Human Consciousness was filled past its capacity, unable to contain the force of the Divine Light projected, until it overflows and the Light continues its descent. Each time a Center was unable to contain the Light, that Light was still affected by the experience of that Center before moving on. Circumstances, opportunities, genetics, astrology and other influences affect the Light as it descends, and it diversifies into individual fragments or Sparks, each unique despite their common source, by virtue of the experience of their individual descent experience. Thus it travels and absorbs the knowledge of Chesed, Geburah, Tephareth, Netzach, and Hod, learning learning to incorporate aspects  of Stability, Discipline, Self-Knowledge, Emotion and Thought.


After the Human experience of Personality, the Light enters the Treasure House of Images, the Universal Unconscious in the Sphere of Yesod.  Through birth, dreams and Will, it descends into a body, and becomes a Human Soul, made from the Light of Creation, and yearning to return to that wholeness.


The Path of Magick is the return to the Godhead from our individual lives. The method is to emulate the One at its most creative. Separate out and refine your Projective aspect and make it a focused Will.  Separate out your Receptive aspect and make it surrender completely, drowning the Monkey-Mind of small thoughts and ego observations.

Combine them again and again in ecstasy, then refine them further. All impurities are driven out when One becomes Two, then becomes One again. The Alchemists say Solve et Coagula, dissolve and reform. Thus was the world formed out of Spirit.

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