Dr. Robert Hooke and Enochian – Created Language and Code

One current area of research is a curious lecture Dr. Robert Hooke gave before the Royal Society on cryptography and Magick, specifically the Abbott Johannes Trithemius. In THE ART OF DRAWING SPIRITS INTO CRYSTALS, &c., With many other Experiments in the Occult Sciences, never yet published in the English Language,(complete original title translated)  (see it at http://www.esotericarchives.com/tritheim/trchryst.htm) (thou the  Francis Barrett translation is…loose) the Abbott seems to be documenting a system of Medieval Magic as a Churchman preserving, not encouraging, the Divination of Spirits when God is always available through Prayer. But In Steganographia (written c.1499; published Frankfurt, 1606) and also in The Polygraphia of 1518, he reveals that rather than using the QABALAH AKA Cabala AKA Kabbalah of the Qabalist and Rosicrucian Masters for Spiritual WORK, they could be used to disguise writings in cipher.

Hooke’s lecture also touched upon Dr. John Dee, Royal Astrologer, Magus, Secret Agent 007 on Her Majesty’s Spy network and creator, with  Edward Kelly AKA Edward Talbot,  of Enochain Magick. Apparently, as interpreted by  Laurence Gardner in The Shadow of Solomon, page 251 and Stephen Inwood in The Forgotten Genius, Pg. 379, Hooke’s lecture surmised that the Enochian language developed in Dr. Dee’s  A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Yeers between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits, published in 1659 by Emericus Casaubon on Enochian or the Language of the Angels, Merc is the son of the Hermetic Scholar Isaac Casaubon, who didn’t appreciate Dee’s work, but bought is Library and papers.

The lecture was published after Hooke’s death in 1703, and I am both trying to find a copy for myself (then interpreting the English before Samuel Johnson‘s dictionary standardized spelling) and asking the most knowledgeable Enochian Magician of my acquaintance, Jerry Cornelius about this theory. From the initial quotes I have found from the lecture, it seemed more about   Johannes Trithemius, mentioning only that Dr. John Dee may have been acquainted with his writings.  Abbott Trithemius dies in 1516, ,  Dee dies in 1608, Athanasius Kircher preserves and builds upon Trithemius’ work, dying in 1680, Hooke delivers this lecture @ 1690, and dies  1703.  Dee is primarily known for Monas Hieroglyphica (“The Hieroglyphic Monad“) ,1564, and my understanding is A True & Faithful Relation aka  the Language of the Angels is published in 1659 so there is a high probability that, with his friendship so close to the Rev. John Wilkins, author of An Essay towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language, 1668 on a Universal Language, would familiarize Hooke with   Johannes Trithemius. His interests in Chemistry and Physicks would have led him to consider  Athanasius Kircher  and Dr. John Dee .

Now, why does it matter in 2014?

Several reasons, one is History and an understanding of the evolution of Ideas, the goal of the Wiki of Esoteric Thought  (http://chuckfurnace.com/opus/). Another is there are many people actively pursuing Dee’s Enochain techniques and getting interesting results.  Like with most Magick, part of it’s efficiency relies on the faith that it’s origins are in the experimental results obtained by Dr. John Dee  and  Edward Kelly in the 1500s.  If it turns out that the original experiments were simply a “blind” for military intelligence, those Practitioners may wish to re-evaluate where these results are coming from, and what their meaning might be in  a different Light.

But just as the NAMEs and NUMBERs in the Bible of the  Judeans use the  alphabet to hide Spiritual Truths, the language we use can shape our thinking and development. Using a new language is a powerful Magickal tool, and has been employed for Political development in Esperanto of Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof, to the personal development of  Tony Robbins and Phineas Quimby‘s New Thought Movement, to the interesting Oleg Bakhtiyarov experiment with  “psychonetics”, to Robert Heinlein’s Speedtalk concept .  Part of our thinking process is both empowered and hindered by the way we describe our experiences, even to ourselves, as they occur. Changing the Process can reveal more of the Content of our thoughts faster, fuller and focused.


2nd entry –

from Dr. Robert Hooke‘s lecture, On Dr. Dee’s Book Of Spirits –

“To come to the Book itself. Upon turning it over and comparing several Particulars, it one with another, and with the writings of the said Dr. Dee, and considering also the History of the Life, Actions and Estate of the said Author, so far as I can be informed,  I do conceive that the greatest part of the said Book, especially the Names, Speeches, Shews (Shows or Signs), Noises, Clothing, Actions and the Prayers and Doxologies et cetera are all CRYPTOGRAPHY, and that some parts of that which seems to be a Journal of his VOYAGE and Travels into several parts of Germany are also Cryptographical. That is, that under those feigned stories, which he there seems to relate as matters of fact, he hath concealed Relations of quite a different thing. ” (translated from early English)


3rd entry –


My  Steganographia  is not translated, as is Johannes Trithemius‘   THE ART OF DRAWING SPIRITS INTO CRYSTALS, but…. the basic concept is pretty well understood.

The Enochian symbols do stand for English letters, but the order of the letters has been encoded, perhaps on a graphical symbol like a wheel (could be the Tablets, or the Table of the 49 Good Angels looks promising, the Holy Table doesn’t have enough boxes, tho it would be fine for numbers). So, using Codebreakers 101, we take a phrase and look for patterns of English words, such as the frequent use of the symbol for the transcribed letter “e”, the “a” and “s” perhaps. So…


rough Elizabethan English – This is the outpouring of forgotten treasure in the form of ecstasy. Only Fire is substantial here.” so the concepts would be outpouring ecstasy, FIRE dominates.

More coming.

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