The Empty Grail WORK


submerge to the neck in warm water and relax, with dim lights, breath slowly and deeply, listen to your heartbeat slow

The four fold breath is inhale thru the nose, push air thru the toes, exhale from the feet thru the body and out the mouth

(audible sounds are fine, your style, your choice)

use whatever technique brings you to Sacred Space (Rose Cross or Middle Pillar WORK well) and EMPTY YOURSELF.

As your ego produces things to fill the vacuum, gently brush them aside with your exhalations, REMAIN EMPTY.

Remember, you are a Sacred Vessel in a Sacred Space, opening yourself with no Lust of Result or expectation.

Eventually “cracks” or “holes”  begin to appear, now this is crucial, Do Not Alter your Emptiness and try to reach out to, or thru the cracks,   REMAIN EMPTY. Maintain your breathing, and just remember as clearly as possible by being as receptive as possible WITHOUT RETELLING YOURSELF WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING.

This break in the chatter of the Monkey-Mind allows the LIGHT to flow down to and thru you, and the LIGHT is energizing and Creative.

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