The Secret(s) of Happiness

1)   Make the best of every conscious moment, our time is limited, so make the best of whatever your circumstances at the moment and make little steps towards a better future. The Past is what you stand on, the Future is in flux, but the Present Moment is ours.

2)   Don’t be a Dick. Even when someone deserves it, or it advances a cause, or it’s quite clever, don’t do unto others that which you would not appreciate if done to you.

3)  Perhaps covers by Rule # 2, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, or don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Don’t let your expectations of the perfect get in the way of the Good. Most things improve over time, and little steps lead to greater Destiny. Flexible Persistence always WORKs.

4)  In the fortress of your Mind, only you decide how to interpret your experience of the World.  Use Will and Imagination to your benefit, or it will WORK against you.

5)  Notice something of Beauty everyday, and take at least a moment to “step outside” your daily life and contemplate yourself and your situation

6) To have Friends, be a Friend ( Ralph Waldo Emerson) . Measure your success by the positive effect you have on the people and world around you, Live Respected and Die Regretted.

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