Process not Product- the BOTA WORK

In the late 80s, one of the many gifts X gave me was enrolling us both in Paul Foster Case‘s Tarot group, ”’B.O.T.A”’ AKA  the ”’Builders of the Adytum”’, The 1st year of those lectures, meditations and tasks were written by Case himself, an American adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,  Under the guise of painting the tarot cards, he leads one to meditation, color and vibration theory and  opens the door to many avenues towards the Truth. Most importantly, it brings Magick into daily observation.

So in preparation for my presentations at Gillette’s Castle and the Yale Library on Pamela Colman Smith and her Tarot cards, pulled out those old BOTA notebooks and conveniently repurchased the uncolored card images for painting. Getting great value from revisiting this WORK.

One Understanding  apparent to me now is that the Process is more important than the actual result or painting. That process is to spend 3 days focusing on the 1st card, with intense focus for only 5 minutes, carrying the card with you during the day. 5 minutes turns out to be a long time, and as you gently push away extraneous thoughts, the Will is developed.  By the time you pick up colored pencils, markers and watercolor one is eager to begin.

Using the lightest colors 1st, and ONLY one color per day, let your “monkey-mind” become totally absorbed in coloring, and Spirit rises when the attention is distracted.  Meditate on each color for the whole day, look for it in your environment, moods, life. Then the next color for a full day, then the next. When the Fool is complete, write down ONE PHRASE that sums up what you learned, and move on to the Magician card.

For example, The Fool – the Body/dog follows Spirit gladly, even over a cliff

The Magus – You are the Change you Direct…(the upheld wand distracts the Mage from Understanding he is the real Wand, the conduit of Spirit directed through a specific path, to manifestation.


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