Spirit, Form and Polytheism

Recently in digital conversation with Jude in Texas (Hey Jude!, couldn’t resist) he asked if, with all this Qabalah, I considered myself a Pagan. My answer was a Jew with an expanded view of Monotheism (sometimes referred to humorously as a Jewitch) has little difficulty employing mythic archetypes and Gods as vessels for the One True Undivided Spirit. Such Willful constraints upon our Imagination help focus the part of us which corresponds to that specific aspect of The One, energizing and awakening say, the Hermes aspect of ourselves to the fore where it bathes in the energetic, Creative Waters of Attention and we become better communicators.

It is important not to mistake the map for the territory, the Symbol (which can only be supplied from your personal inventory) and the Power behind it. So “Thou shalt have no other Gods before ME” lends itself seamlessly to providing God with suitable habitations or Temples for communication and Creation.

” it is individual, the Spirit fills in the archetypal forms we provide from our Treasure house of Images.”  “That is why this monotheistic Jew has no trouble worshiping Hermes, the Helmet is a cup from myself, which the ONE fills so a particular aspect becomes more available”  “Neither God nor the Gods needs anything from us, but by our Magick we bring that part of ourselves most akin to that aspect of the Divine into focus through spells, ritual, talismans and the Spirit empowers it within us.”

So in that vein, here is an invocation to Hermes:

Hermes, Hermes, we follow in your footsteps,

Hermes, Hermes, we soar into the aire

Hermes, Hermes, your fire is our Light,

Hermes, Hermes, Waters the Wisdom of Life,

Hermes, Hermes, I accept you into my Life.

Kyrios, Kyrios, Kyrios… By that pure, holy, four lettered name on high, nature’s eternal fountain and supply, the parent of all souls that living be, by him, with faith find oath, I swear to thee.

Kyrios Apollo, Kyrios Hermes, kyrie Pythagoras”

(pour water into wine, stir with knife, add barley to Mortar, stir with Pestle)



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