Healing Temple pool in Chesed

Still in considerable pain after facial surgery, but it is less burning than before, and having cooled to a mold-able level, today I will be sculpting my Pain Suff into a physical statue, using the body parts I lost as it’s ferocious mouth.  In this process I should be able to transform a strong emotion into a strong image and transfer to the “map’  the pain represents

However, LaForza pointed out that I am using Geburah and Discipline as always, and perhaps I should try to balance it with Acceptance of Healing.  This made a lot of sense to me, now that I can see more than a red haze with forked lightning in my Spirit Vision.

So I draw a hot bath, soaked to relax my shoulders and neck, then rose above myself RC, LBRP, Archangels, MP and felt the remains of my pain as a rust colored gritty sand, which I washed into the bottom of the tub as I rose through Yesod, to Tipareth, where my Angel blessed my (no gifts, though) and with great deliberation rose to Chesed, the Orderly Kingdom. While Geburah גְּבִירָה separates differences, Chessed aka Gedulah Unites through addition.  In Approaching I say Babylon laid out between the rivers, and orderly streets fronted by gardens. In the center was a ziggurat, with a flower walled swimming pool sized well,  and a smaller pond within it. The vines stretched over the top, causing shade in the heat, and the flowers preserved some humidity.  I tip toed into the cool water, and lay down, letting my checks be cooled while my nose was still above water.

Invoking the Goddess to help me endure what cannot be avoided, surrender to the Present moment without fear it will last forever, and relaxing expectations, all are helpful. I asked the Temple “Whose ziggurat is this?”, and got the Hebrew letters Lamed, Daleth, Heh… related to birth, so I NAME it The Birthpool.

30 January 2016 ev Noon

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