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Chuck Furnace AKA the Cosmic Furnace AKA Chuck 2.0

America @ 1950 - present

Comments: received a 2nd heart in 2002, a hardware upgrade. Freemason ; sex magick; Qabalist The Middle Pillar meditation; cultivates and brings an orchid to work each week, because you can't trust Fate to bring beauty into Life, action makes the vanguard;

Teachers: Jerry Cornelius; Aleister Crowley; Rabbi Moshe Y. Hecht (the Elder) of New Haven Hebrew Day School; Menachem Mendel Schneerson, The Lubavitcher Rebbe; BoneBlossom; Robert Anton Wilson; Israel Regardie; Bill Heidrick; Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan; Rabbi Isaac Luria ; Dr. Timothy Leary; John C. Lilly; Oscar Ichazo; A. R. Orage; Paul Foster Case; Dion Fortune; Starhawk; Kenneth Grant; Elisabeth Haich; Charles Stansfeld Jones AKA Frater Achad; Mouni Sadhu; Buckminster Fuller; Jean Houston; Robert Masters; Stewart Brand; Gregory Bateson; Ralph Metzner; Baba Ram Dass; Wavey Gravey; Gerard K. O'Neill, space enthusiast; Michael Moorcock; Michael Harner; Maurice Nicoll; Milton Erickson; Fritz Perls; Richard Bandler; John Grinder; Virginia Satir; Tony Robbins; William Schaw; James Anderson; William Sinclair of Roslin; David Cunningham of Robertland; Sir James Murray of Kilbaderton; Sir Anthony Alexander; Sir John Veitch of Dawyck; John Carmichael; William Moray of Dreghorn; Sir Robert Moray, his brother; Sir William Bruce, 1671; John Theophilus Desaguliers; Albert Pike; Albert Mackey; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Ben Franklin; Isaac Newton; Robert Hooke; Christopher Wren; Carlos Castaneda; M. Oneida Toups and Boots, of "The Religious Order of Witchcraft" NOLA 1976; Pamela Colman Smith ; Raphael Patai;

Students: hard to say, more fellow pilgrims, really.

Friends: LaFo***a; Ashbow; Cyth***a; Baila***o; Rayna; Canu; Rainbow Darkly; Poseidon;Stephen Mace; Hideo Wakayama of Japan; Jane Raeburn; WB. Justin D***y; Bro. Keri AKA Keith Bro***h; Br. Thomas; Frater PVN; Sallie Ann Glassman; Kirk White; Maureen; Judy Harrow; Black Lotus; Alexei Kondratiev; David James AKA David Byron Bragwin James;

Fellow Researchers: Ken Robinson, Nietzsche scholar; The Chaos Magicians in England - Peter Carroll, Ray Sherwin, Phil Hine, Julian Wilde and Lionel Snell AKA Hugo L'Strange ; Will Parfitt ;Andrew Drylie, co-editor of Agape magazine; K. A. Meyers; Nema and the Black Sun/MAAT researchers; Martin Starr; Paul Douglas Valentine of the Church of Satanic Liberation;

Organizations: OTO AKA Ordo Templi Ortientis, Associate Research Member; Broken Mountain Lodge of the OTO; Ouroborous Isis Gnosis Coven; The Star Lodge ;Freemasonry ; Sequin-Level Lodge #140; The Philosophic Lodge of Research; Covenant of the Goddess (COG); The Weavers; Church of the Sacred Earth (COSE); The 93 Club; The October Gathering (P**T****); The Elias Ashmole Society;

Author: The Middle Pillar Puzzle, 2017; Pamela Colman Smith - a Pixie Appreciation, 2015; Pythagoras: the Man, the Myth and the Magus, 2016; Al Shem Shaddai (The Name of Power) ; The Holy Guardian Angel; The Process of Magick ; various articles since 1970 on, including in Magical Blend # 5, 1981; this WIKI and on the MIDDLE PILLAR qabalistic meditation; WORKshops on the Middle Pillar since 1980; Hebrew Alphabet - Study Workbook for Golden Dawn Students, 2017; THE FOLLOWING FOR FREEMASONS ONLY - Brothers Raphael and Leonardo, Fellowcraft, 2014; Secrets of a Master Mason, 2013, Twin Pillars of Masonry, 2006; Freemasonry and Religious Toleration; Tarot and Freemasonry, 2015; The Practical Point in the Circle, 2017; editor, with WB Justin D****, of Philosophic Lodge of Research Of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut AF & AM - Transactions: A Selection from the 1940s to 2017, 2017;

Resources:;;; ;