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Daniel Sickels AKA Union General Daniel Edgar Sickles

America 1819 – 1914

Comments: American publisher and commentator on AHIMAN REZON, the Antient Grand Lodge of England (as opposed to the original, or Moderns) ritual monitor; bad leadership at Battle of Gettysburg, but got the Medal of Honor; lots of scandals; his leg, severed by cannonball, was preserved!;

Teachers: Laurence Dermott; Cyril of Alexandrai; John W. Simons, PGM NY; William S. Rockwell; Dr. Dalcho aka Rev Frederick Dalco, MD, author of South Carolina’s Ahiman Rezon, 1807; Dr. James Anderson; Albert Mackey; William Preston who wrote the original American ritual ; Col. Israel Putnam of Sts. John Lodge # 4 in Hartford, CT, (don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes, Commander on "Bunker Hill, really Breed's Hill in the Boston Revolutionary War); Thomas Smith Webb, author of the American version of the Ritual; Rob Morris;Malcolm C. Duncan; Albert Pike; George Oliver; Benjamin Butler, esq; Dr. and Brother Joseph Warren; Brother Henry Knox; William Sinclair of Roslin; William H. Drew;

Students: Manly P. Hall; Newt Gingrich; William R. Forstchen;

Friends: Teresa Bagioli, wife; James Buchanan; President Franklin Pierce; Fanny White, prostitute; Queen Victoria; Edwin M. Stanton; James T. Brady; Major General Joseph Hooker; President Abraham Lincoln;

Enemies: his wife's lover, Philip Barton Key II, son of Francis Scott Key, district attorney of the District of Columbia - got away with killing him under Passion, first use of temporary insanity; Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant;

Organizations: Antient Grand Lodge of England; The Ancients ; Freemasonry; Supreme Council, Northern Jurisdiction; Knights Templar; Union Army ; U.S. Congress;

Author: THE GENERAL AHIMAN REZON And FREEMASON'S GUIDE: Containing Monitorial Instructions in the Degrees of ENTERED APPRENTICE, FELLOW‑CRAFT And MASTER MASON, With Explanatory Notes, recommendations and Lectures Together With The Ceremonies Of Consecration And Dedication Of New Lodges, Installation Of Grand And Subordinate Officers, Laying Foundations Stones, Dedication Of Masonic Halls, Grand Visitations, Burial Services, Regulations for Processions, Masonic Calendar, ETC To Which Are Added A Ritual For A Lodge Of SORROW, And The Ceremonies Of Consecrating Masonic Cemeteries, Also, An APPENDIX, With THE forms of Masonic Documents, Masonic Trials, Etc, 1865, 1868 (no real translation, NOT Hebrew, perhaps "Secrets of a prepared brother"); THE FREEMASON'S MONITOR;

Resources: read it here - http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/sickles_monitor.htm ; http://www.sacred-texts.com/mas/gar/; Frederick Dalcho – a man of accomplishment , a man of peace by RGM Barry A. Rickamn, 2014;my own copy of the Macoy Sickles Freemason Monitor;