Laurence Dermott

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Laurence Dermott

Ireland / England 1720 – 1791

Comments: Freemason, 1740; York Rite of Freemasonry; Antient Grand Lodge of England, Freemasonry ; descended from Catholic MacDermot Roe Scottish Clan; schism of 1738 with the Moderns; may have written the Hiram legend used today, as opposed to the Noah Third Degree of the Moderns  ; organized “Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons” , 1751; the old Operative (not Speculative) 7 degree system: Apprentice, not Free, but bound for 7 years; 2nd degree = Fellowcraft; 3rd “Super-Fellow” or Mark Man degree; 4th. Mark Master degree; 5th “Superintendent; 6th Past Master / Harodim, not like the Rose Croix degree, tho, involving St Andrews Cross; 7th degree – Grand Master Mason (only 3 at a time); Creator of the Ancient Freemasonry [[Masonic Rites]; used the Geneva, not King James Bible;

Teachers:Dr. James Anderson; Christopher Wren; William Sinclair of Roslin; Brother John Morgan;

Students: William Preston, 1763; R.W. Evans; Robert Turner; Thomas Harper; Brother W. M. Bywater; Brother Richard J. Reece; Brother Arthur Heiron; Witham Matthew Bywater; John Hervey;


Enemies: Samuel Prichard, author of Masonry Dissected, 1730; Dr. John Theophilus Desaguliers;

Organizations: Grand Secretary of the Ancient Grand Lodge 1752 to 1771 (not the Moderns) of Freemasons; Freemasonry - Dublin Lodge # 26, 1746; Royal Arch 1748;

Author: The Book of Constitutions of this Grand Lodge AKA Ahiman Rezon AKA "Thoughts of a Faithful Brother" AKA Brother of the Right hand Secret based on Spratt's Irish Constitutions;

Resources:;;;; ; read it here - ; ; article - The Ahiman Rezon by PGM Lloyd F. Christopher, 2014;