Robert Benjamin Folger

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Dr. Robert Benjamin Folger aka WM Robert Folger

America 1803 – 1892

Comments; Freemason; the Rectified Scottish Rite; Knights Templar; cryptography; nested cypher suitable for concealing messages in drawings as well as text; examples of the Rectified Scottish Rite, aka Rite ecossaise Rectifie aka RER; Homeopathy doctor;Christian Freemason, thought Jews should not take the Cryptic or Templar degrees; the broken column; trigonometry; mirror;

Teachers: Joseph Cerneau; Dr Hans Burch Gram, Jerusalem Lodge Chapter # 8 RAM, the Father of Homeopathy; Dr. Samuel Hahnemann; Edouard Blitz, 1901; Henry C. Atwood; Reverend John Wilkins, cryptographer; Johannes Balthazar Friderici, author of Cryptographia, 1684; Jean Pierre Louis Beryerle, 1788; Antoine Guillaume Cherau, 1806; Harry Carr; Jean-Baptiste Willermoz; Baron Von Hund; Stephen Morin aka Estienne Morin; ; John Yarker ; Dr. John V. B. Rogers, in Medicine; Dr. Alex. H. Stephens; Jeremy L. Cross aka Jeremy Ladd Cross ; Abraham Jacob;John Byrom;

Students: Wil Baden of Henry Clay Lodge # 277; Donald H. Bennett; Robert Macoy, who owned the manuscripts; Arturo de Hoyos ; S. Brent Morris; Ward K. St. Clair; William Moseley Brown; J. Raymond Shute II; James Foulhouze;


Enemies: Albert Pike; Emmanuel de la Motta;

Organizations Freemasonry, Fireman’s Lodge # 368, NY; the Knights Beneficicent of the Holy City aka CBCS; Scottish Rite of Freemasonry; switched back and forth between AASR and Cerneauism Masonry; York Rite of Freemasonry;

Author: Coded books contained the ritual of the first three degrees of the Rectified Scottish Rite, 1827 for the Knights Beneficent of the Holy City (aka the CBCS); “Secrets of the Egyptian Priest Ceremonies” , including the Order of the Red Cross Degree & the Knights Templar Degree of the York Rite of Freemasonry; the 3rd contained 3 additional rituals, including an address to the Knights Templar at the Resurrection & the Chamber of Reflection; Fiction of the Weeping Virgin ; Recollections of a Masonic Veteran;

Resources: Committed to the Flames the history and rituals of a secret masonic rite (Rectified Scottish Rite, NY 1800s), by Arturo de Hoyos & S. Brent Morris, 2008: ; ; ; ; read him here -