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[Wellins Calcott]] aka G. Oliver

England 1726 - @ 1769 or 1779

Comments: early Freemason; emphasized moral and social teachings; It was said of the Hidden Knowledge of the Craft - "Dr. Anderson indicated the mine, Calcott opened it, and Hutchinson worked it"; adapted English lodge rituals to emulate French practices, 1768;

Teachers: Pythagoras; Euclid; William Schaw; William Sinclair of the St. Clair family of Roslin; John Theophilus Desaguliers; Elias Ashmole; Sir Robert Moray; Robert Boyle; John Locke; Sir Isaac Newton; Francis Bacon; Alexander Pope; Thomas Hobbs; Socrates;

Students: Charles Leslie; Rev.George Oliver; Thomas Smith Webb; Wallace McLeod; Charles Dillon; Rowland Holt; John Jaffray; Rowland Berkley; Thomas French; John Aubrey; William Fitch, author of MASONIC TREATISE with an ELUCIDATION on the RELIGIOUS AND MORAL BEAUTIES of FREEMASONRY, 1802 ;

Friends: Dr. James Anderson; William Preston; William L Hutchinson; Duke Henry Somerset of Beaufort;

Enemies: William Bull ; Thomas Turner;

Organizations; Freemasonry; Worshipful Master of Holywell Lodge, England;

author: A candid disquisition of the principles and practices of the Most Ancient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons, 1769, reprinted in America 1817 : together with some strictures on the origin, nature, and design of the institution , 1769; A collection of thoughts, moral and divine, upon various subjects, in prose and verse, 1761, 1764,1766;

Quotes: In the book of Nature, the Divine Teacher speaks; Affliction is a spiritual physic for the soul, and is compared to a furnace, for as gold is tried and purified therein, so men are proved and either purified from their dross, and fitted for good uses, or else entirely burnt up and undone forever; “Right Worshipful Sir, BY the unanimous voice of the members of this lodge, you are elected to the mastership thereof for the ensuing half-year...You have been of too long standing, and are too good a member of our community, to require now any information in the duty of your office. What you have seen praiseworthy in others, we doubt not you will imitate; and what you have seen defective, you will in yourself amend...For a pattern of imitation, consider the great luminary of nature, which, rising in the east, regularly diffuses light and lustre to all within its circle. In like manner it is your province, with due decorum, to spread and communicate light and instruction to the brethren in the lodge”;

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