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William Sinclair of Roslin AKA William Sinclair 1st Earl of Caithness (1455–1476), 3rd Earl of Orkney (1455–1470), Baron of Roslin and Pentland AKA St. Clair

Scotland 1410 – 1484

Comments: family appointed "Patron of Masonry" by Scots King James before he became King of England as well; Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin Castle near the old Templar center at Ballantradoch aka Roos Lyn, Water Fall Cliff; in the Olden Days, the King appointed both a Royal "Patron of Masonry" to represent those financing construction like cathedrals, and the "Master of the Masons", who bargained for all the workmen and enforced royal order. William Sinclair is an example of the Royal Patron class, who certainly had a big say in design and ornamentation; His position was contrasted by that of Inigo Jones, appointed Master of the London Masons;

Teachers: William Schaw Robert Drummond of Carnock; William Fowler; Giordano Bruno; Michel de Castelnau; William Moray of Dreghorn; Sir Robert Moray, his brother; Robert the Bruce; his ancestors - Henri de St. Clair of St. Clair sur Elle in La Manche; Henri the Crusader; Henri de St. Clair of the Knights Templar, Privy Councillor; Hughes de Payens, Templar Grand Master and ancestor;

Students: Laurence Dermott; William Stukeley; Daniel Coxe; Jonathan Belcher; Anthony Sayer; Henry Price; Jacob Lamball; William Preston; Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex; Captain Joseph Elliot; Sir James Murray of Kilbaderton; Sir Anthony Alexander; Sir William Bruce, 1671; John Theophilus Desaguliers; Laurence Gardner; Father Richard Augustine Hay, Canon of St. Genevieve in Paris and Prior of St. Piermont; Andrew Sinclair; Sir Walter Scott; Robert Francis St Clair-Erskine, 4th Earl of Rosslyn (2 March 1833 – 6 September 1890), author of Bedtime, see http://librivox.org/short-poetry-collection-051/;

Friends: Malcolm III Canmore, 1057, family patron;

Enemies: William Schaw; James Murray, successor to the Master of the Works" position in Scotland; Sir Anthony Alexander;

Author/ Project: Rosslyn Chapel 1446, AKA the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew, a Catholic sanctuary with much Pagan symbolism; Sinclair Charter of 1628;

Organizations: Freemasonry; Knight of the Golden Fleece; likely Order of the Golden Fleece from France; Knight of the Order of Santiago di Compostela aka Knight of the Coquille of St. Jacques;

Quotes: all Craftsmen "that wirkis be square reule, lyne or compass under the art of geometrie" fall under his patronage and control, in contrast to the Master of the King's Work, a tension that would continue until the English Civil War and the resurrection of Freemasonry as Scientific, rather than labor, fraternity;

Resources: THE ORIGINS OF FREEMASONRY, David Stevenson, 1998; The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, 2003; Solomon's Builders: Freemasons, Founding Fathers and the Secrets of Washington D.C. by Christopher Hodapp, 2006; The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasonry, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, 2001; Rosabelle. Harold's Song, Bard of St Clair of Rosslyn Castle and Chapel, Midlothian and Ravenscraig Castle, Kirkcaldy: From the Lay of the Last Minstrel by Sir Walter Scott; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosslyn_Chapel; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Sinclair,_1st_Earl_of_Caithness; The Shadow of Solomon: The Lost Secret of the Freemasons Revealed (2005) by Laurence Gardner ; http://www.rgle.org.uk/RGLE_StClair.htm ;